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Train Sim World 2 Update 20.06.2022
Datum: 21.06.2022     
Das im letzten Updatebeitrag angekündigte Update für die Strecken Great Western Express und die Northern Trans-Pennine wurde nun von Dovetailgames veröffentlicht. Durch das Update erhält das wohl älteste Train Sim World 2 Addon nun endlich auch die längst fällige und benötigte Überarbeitung von z.B. Zugzielanzeigen der Class 166 und Abfahrttafeln auf den Bahnsteigen der Great Western Main Line. Als wichtige Neuerungen hat die Class 166 nun auch endlich verschiedene Kameraperspektiven, die wie bisher gewohnt (am PC), mit den Pfeiltasten durchgeschaltet werden können.

Updatenotes Great Western Express (in Originalsprache)

  • PIS added to stations
  • Improvements to sky
  • Removed floating car stop sign at Slough Station
  • Improved lighting at Reading and Paddington stations
  • Moved a speed sign and speed warning sign from behind Overhead gantries on the approach to Southall station, in order to be more
  • Added two PCA cement train services (6M90 and 6M91) to timetable mode, using PCA tanks from Class 31 Add-on
  • [XBX/PC/PS5] Added additional freight service 6M49 departing Reading at 20:05 for Acton Yard
  • Amended scoring thresholds for Class 43/66/166 introductions so they are based purely off timetable tasks
  • For all scenarios, increased acceptable stopping distance from 1m to 5m for all tasks
  • For all scenarios, set all load tasks to automatically choose the door side at all stations
  • For ‘Drag Line’ Scenario:
• Grounded all floating ‘walk to...’ markers at Reading station
• Increased stopping zones to be less punishing
• Removed requirement to wait until 10:15 to complete the arrival at Old Oak Common before entering the yard
• Removed requirement to hold brakes for 5 seconds to complete the Brake Release objective before departing Kennet Bridge Loop outside Reading Station
  • For ‘West World’ Scenario:
• Fixed AI trains appearing to run backwards
• Adjusted arrival time at Reading to allow more realistic completion
• Moved player start from facing a roof support on a bridge to a better position
  • ‘Down the Line’ scenario should now be completable after fixing a red light bug for the 09:46 service to Slough
  • Medals should now be more achievable for the route
  • Increased stopping accuracy requirement of player tasks in timetable mode and introductions to Class 43/66/166 from 5m either side to 10m
    either side
  • Fixed inability to complete ‘Christmas Closure’, if a player exits the locomotive cab at the end before closing the doors
  • Changed Hayes and Harlington Platform 5 marker and stopping point, so trains pull up at the end of the platform
  • Added stop marker to the buffers at Slough’s Platform 6, to encourage trains to stop there, rather than halfway along the platform
  • Dropped marker height for ‘Station Stopping’ tutorial to prevent it from floating
  • Added platform climb-up implementation for all platforms
  • Fixed issue whereby AI trains appeared to run backwards
  • Amended end-markers for Reading platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, to allow AI trains stopping at these platforms to pull right up to the
  • Removed ability for players to not be able to complete the Station Stopping tutorial after not following instructions
Rolling Stock
  • Replaced generic shipping container train with randomly mixable container brainds and officially licensed brands
  • [Coaches] – changed interior lighting to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 52] – Fixed an issue whereby the loco overheated and shut down
  • [Class 66] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [HST] – Added RailDriver compatibility
  • [HST] – Added Contact Signaller functionality
  • [HST] - changed lighting on windows to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 166] – Improved physics of loco based on player feedback
  • [Class 166] - Doors should now make correct noises when opening and closing
  • [Class 166] - External train noises should now be audible when opening passenger doors
  • [Class 166] – Made cab PIS screen readable, and added Camera View for PIS in the cab
  • [Class 166] - changed lighting on windows to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 166] – replaced seats, and made it so passengers can’t clip through the back of seats
  • [Class 166] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 166] – Added Contact Signaller functionality
  • [Class 166] – Improved light reflection on cab windows
  • [Class 166] - Added animation for Dead Man’s Pedal
  • [Class 166] - Changed rain animation on windscreen to ensure that water trails are moving in the correct direction in relation to wipers
  • [Class 166] - inverted horn controls
  • [Class 166] - changed footsteps audio inside cab to be more realistic
  • [Class 166] - fixed cab doors operating the wrong side doors
  • [Class 166] – Fixed issue whereby train was stuck in traction lock
  • [Class 166] – Fixed issue whereby passenger doors could be open when train was in motion
  • Added Rush Hour Passengers
  • [Diesel Legends] Added Chinese translations

Außerdem in dem kostenlosen Update sind unter anderem nun auch Abfahrtstafeln auf Bahnsteigen für die Northern Trans-Pennine Strecke. Zudem haben bei Strecken nun neue Darstellungen des Himmels und des Rendering der Gleistexturen erhalten.

Updatenotes Northern Trans-Pennine (in Originalsprache)

  • PIS added to stations
  • Improvements to sky
  • Improved track rendering
  • Improved lighting at Ashton, Stalybridge, Standedge, Mossley and Batley-Morley Tunnels
  • Improved lighting and shadows at Leeds, Huddersfield (and tunnel), and Manchester stations
  • Reduced medal threshold for Gold on ‘Rescue Run’ scenario to 4,500
  • Added in working level crossings
  • Changed ‘lightly raining’ to ‘full raining’ weather in ‘Down and Out’, and ‘Driving Rain’ scenarios
  • During the Class 45 and Class 47 introduction, moved stopping point at Manchester back from the signal to reduce the chance of SPADing if
    player overshoots
  • Added platform climbing functionality at all stations
  • Fixed return to First Person View not triggering
Rolling Stock
  • [Coaches] – changed interior lighting to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 101] – Improved RailDriver functionality (fixed non-functional controls)
  • [Class 40] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 45-1] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 47-4] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 47] Added Livery Designer functionality (please search 'NTP Class 47' in Livery Designer)
  • Added a longer starting marker at Leeds station to cater for freight trains
  • Added Livery Designer compatibility back to NTP Mk1 and Mk2 coaches

Updatenotes West Somerset Railway (in Originalsprache)

Desweiteren finden sich nun auf der Museumsstrecke der West Somerset Railway nun auch die Passagieranzahlen der Rush Hour Funktionaltität und weitere kleinere Updates rund um die Strecke.
  • Added Rush Hour passenger behaviours
  • Added Mastery decals
  • Level crossings flipped to open the correct direction
  • Fix issue for Class 47 where it was possible to be operated from the platform through closed window of the loco
  • Moved static Class 52 from Minehead to Bishop Lydeard as it was too large on Minehead Turntable – replaced with Class 33 (currently at
    Bishop Lydeard)
  • Changed static 12t vans to allow them to be shunted on the route
  • Fixed objective to ‘set brakes to running’ getting stuck in the Class 09 and Class 47 tutorials
Und außerdem im Update enthalten sind kleine Updates rund um das DLC der BR 182
  • Passenger doors can be opened
  • AI lights now are now functioning as intended
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